Legacy Program

Our legacy Hospice program provides non-medical support by specially trained volunteers to the terminally ill in their homes and assisted living facilities. Of equal importance is the direct support given to the immediate family members, as these caregivers struggle with what is often a first time and overwhelming experience for them.


Grief Support

We currently provide of 50 therapist –led grief support sessions each and every month. Our support allows participants to deal with the emotional and physical manifestations presented by grief. Groups are established to place clients with others of similar circumstance helping to foster positive outcomes, helping them to heal from their loss and move forward with their lives.  All of our grief support sessions are offered completely FREE of Charge.

2nd & 4th, Monday at 7:00 PM at Hospice Office

Specialized service upon request

Tuesdays, 6:30 PM at Hospice Office

Wednesdays, 7:00 pm at Hospice Office

Tuesday, 10:00 am (Newly Bereaved) at Senior Concerns

  • Tuesdays at Goebel Senior Center
  • Widows and widowers, ages 60+ = Four 1-hour groups available:
  • 11 AM, 12:15PM and 2:30PM
  • 12:15PM (Newly Bereaved)

Adult widows, widowers and partners

Spanish–speaking group
Wednesday, 7:00 PM at Westminster Free Clinic


No One Dies Alone vigil program provides specially trained volunteers to sit at the bedside of patients who are in their last hours of life and would otherwise die alone because loved ones are unable to be present. In many cases NODA patients have no immediate family living in the area, or often has an elderly spouse who is too exhausted to remain bed side. A secondary comfort and service is to the nurses and caregivers at the facilities who do not have the time to stay with the patient.

Information Center

We operate as an information center providing general information and guidance on placing a family member into hospice care as well as understanding what might be expected when faced with a terminally ill patient in the family. We take calls every day helping people understand what steps to consider when dealing with the loss of a loved one, including participation in our therapist-led grief support groups. We also respond to unexpected crises that profoundly affect our community (unexpected traumatic events).